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800pxkhyberpasspakistan 2 jpg
800pxkhyberpasspakistan 2 jpg Over the weekend Pakistani authorities were able to reopen the Khyber Pass unblocking a key supply route for U S and coalition troops in Afghanistan But the reopening of the pass the

HUMAIR BILOUR  on violence by militants in Peshawar  Pakistan
HUMAIR BILOUR on violence by militants in Peshawar Pakistan

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81719860 4Y9KI25E jpg

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peshawar map final jpg Post quotes from a grim new Pentagon report while The New York Times has Pakistani forces mobilizing to defend the Taliban imperiled city of Peshawar and United Press International says the monthly death toll among U S and allied soldiers there is the highest since the war began in 2001 U S accommodation to Pakistan s

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pakistan quetta peshawar jpg was dirty laughs and smoked dope all day and had no god Muslims everywhere hated me After having to resist being forcibly dragged off with the mullah by an angry crowd on my first day in Peshawar I realized that if I conformed it would all be different I tried on a shalwar kamieze I hadn t worn a smart collar since my schooldays and I just couldn t get the hang of it It

Peshawar jpg
Peshawar jpg

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Peshawar jpg A városban bazárok forgatag ott vagyunk ahol egy hete robbantottak és 10 en haltak meg A karaván szeráj volt motel tetjér?l lekapjuk a mecsetet És találkozunk egy túristával Jó európai módra Pizza Hutban kajálunk 3 szor elmegy az áram Teljes sötétség Osama ? a jó Osama a vezet?nk kicsit ideges megsúgja hogy ma is robbantottak de ne mondjam a

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Peshawar jpg ????????? ???????? ?????????

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peshawar1 jpg My Biography

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Peshawar jpg On the Hippie Trail Pakistan recommended resolution 800x600 Coming in from Afghanistan by the Khyber Pass passengers were not allowed to leave the bus as the road traversed the restricted so called Tribal Area That part of Pakistan was and still

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Peshawar (ourdou : ????? ; pashto : ????) est une ville denviron 1,4 million dhabitants située au nord du Pakistan, à lextrémité orientale de la passe de Khyber.

Khyber Bazar, plongeon au coeur de la vieille ville de Peshawar ...
Decouvrez les bazars de Peshawar, les recoins de la vieille ville, ses foules bigarees: afghans pachtounes tadjiks... Vivez le capharnaum de Khyber Bazar et laccueil de ses ...

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