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port alfred8 jpg We didn t see any elephant We explored Grahamstown the Cathedral and lots of churches in the City of Saints and then headed for the highlight of the day

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port alfred9 jpg the Cathedral and lots of churches in the City of Saints and then headed for the highlight of the day Bathurst What a magical little town First we stopped and looked around at the Agricultural Museum and I am sure that the old wooden harvester at the museum is the same

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port alfred10 jpg down to the centre of town We strolled around took a few pictures looked at the curious and pottery and at last off to The Pig Whistle I wanted a picture of myself under the No thirst like Bathurst sign and asked Verine to take a picture A chap sitting at the

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port alfred18 jpg the front and some around the back big and small ones all around us and if the windows had been open we would have been able to touch them You see I had done just what my Grandpa had done in the Kruger National Park in 1959 or 60 I can t quite remember the year He

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port alfred23 jpg and it was worth the wait The gorge is spectacular with high cliffs on both side and a narrow passage to navigate through We had a lovely day strolling around eating drinking swimming and tanning When the day was done we had a super braai on the

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port alfred21 jpg it could become a second Hartenbos with a little effort and some marketing We enjoyed our stay there and I will definitely visit there again Next morning we decided to go to Storm s River mouth in the Tsitsikamma Nature Reserve After phoning to book our accommodation there

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port alfred19 jpg created an unbelievable experience which one doesn t often get in a lifetime I think my Gran and Verine were very close to wetting themselves We saw quite a few more around the park including one very proud male and then about sixty or seventy odd at the main watering

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port alfred22 jpg the stoep has the most amazing view of the sea with a bubbling brook right alongside the cabin Absolutely the most desirable spot on earth Last time we were there the jetty was undergoing repairs so the Spirit of Tsitsikamma a rubber duck with tourist type bench seats was

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port alfred17 jpg dirt road which went right through a game park and through the little settlement of Paterson and eventually we found the Addo Elephant Park This proved to be a very worthwhile detour as most of my detours are and the elephants were magnificent Six or seven of them passed

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port alfred14 jpg We had passed a turn off to an old mill on the way to the Horseshoe and as we still had not had enough we went back to explore the

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Port-Alfred est un secteur de la ville de Saguenay, au Québec. Port-Alfred a été fondée le 22 avril 1918 par lindustriel Julien-Édouard-Alfred Dubuc.

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